Hello everyone, welcome to my website. I am JOJO-M (short for Joanna Mayland).

I would like to take you on a journey, the JOJO-M Art experience.

JOJO-M art is all about the “experience” of art, how my art can make you feel. My artworks arent objects, but triggers for an experience. Images of people capture them caught up in a moment of passion. Landscapes capture my own sensual interaction with our beautiful world. My artwork invites the audience to get “lost in the moment” with me, to set their imaginations and emotions free and “experience” the artwork.

To learn more about JOJO-M and my motivations please visit the About page and have a read, this will also give you a more indepth explanation of JOJO-M Art as an experience. To understand my motivations and recent news and events please visit my blog.

To visit the gallery please visit the shop and select which category of images you would like to view.

I work with acrylics on Canvas, all originals are available for sale in the shop. I also produce high quality fine art signed Giclee prints of my work (both open and limited edition), which are again available in the shop, and hopefully a bit kinder on the bank balance!

One of my favourite things to do are commissions, simply because of the immense joy it brings my customers, i love to be a part of an experience that is so personal, amazing and rewarding. All details of commissions, sizes, pricing, how to order and so on can be found on the “Commissions” page, and all examples of past commissions, to give an idea of what can be achieved, can be found in the shop.

If you have any questions or you wish to simply say hello then i would love to hear from you, please visit my contact page.

Have a wonderful JOJO-M Art Experience.