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If your looking for something really special, touching and deeply personal that will be cherished by your loved ones, commission a painting for the perfect gift.

I absolutely adore painting a commission, it is so personal. Being able to be able to produce something so special for someone and to make them so incredibly happy is a real honour. I love making people happy.

A one off original, personal painting makes the perfect gift for birthdays, weddings, anniversary’s, valentines, engagement, something personal for mothers or fathers day, a leaving gift for a colleague, or just something personal for yourself for your home and your family. Please see the images in the shop category “commissions” for an array of examples of previous commissions i have painted to give you some inspiration and ideas.


How to Order a Commissioned Painting.

If you would like to discuss a potential commission with no obligation, contact me via my contact page or give me a quick call to discuss the kind of thing you are after.

I will ask about the subject matter, and then enquire if you have any preferences with regards to size, timescales, and colour/style (ie – in the bright colourful style of my usual paintings or something slightly less bright). Don’t worry if you don’t know the answers to these i can advise what would work best based on your painting idea.

Usually i will paint an image from a photograph, or take my own if you don’t think you have anything suitable. This is the basis and then we can build on the image from there.

Prices start at £150.

So please have a browse and let your imagination flow, and give me a ring with any ideas you may have.

Happy browsing