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I hope you’ve enjoyed the JOJO-M art experience so far.

I am an acrylic artist who loves bright, vivid, exciting colour, passion and expression. I specialize in People and landscapes, but the main aim of any paintings are to transport the audience into their own imagination. To make them see the world in a new light. To make them feel something. That could be excitement, nostalgia, elation, passion, or serenity. Each painting captures the expression of a moment in time through my eyes, and it invites others to get “lost in the moment” and experience their own personal expressive interaction with the scene. Whether that be the passion of a dancer or musician on stage, or our sensual interaction with the elements and the world around us. In the words of Brian Eno “Stop thinking about artworks as objects, and start thinking about them as triggers for experiences”.

The aim is for people’s imaginations to be set free when they look at one of my paintings. For them to be able to feel the breeze through their hair, the sand on their feet and the ripples of the water over their toes, the smell of the sea salt, the sound of the seagulls and the waves gently breaking on the shore. I want them to hear the music of the forest as the breeze dances through the leaves and their feet crunch over the carpet of fallen leaves as they create an untrodden path through the forest. I want them to feel the passion of the music as they watch a dancer wind and undulate to the beat. There’s been many a time when I have been in an audience and have been so totally moved by a performer, I admire them an almost want to be them. I am a belly dancer myself and have performed many times. The feelings of the nerves, the colour’s, the music, the breeze, the heart pumping so hard and the massive sense of achievement when the audience explodes with applause is like nothing else. It’s a feeling which I want to share with others.

My paintings are full of colour to convey the energy, passion and excitement of any scene. Bright reds, oranges, and gold’s get the heart pumping and the adrenaline flowing, while cool blues create a more serene setting. My style is fairly loose to convey movement, whether that’s the clothes of the performers as they move, or the movement of the sea or the leaves as the breeze dances around them. Movement brings my paintings to life.

The aim of my paintings of people tend to be to capture someone displaying a passion for something in life which is always a joy to watch, whether that be performing on stage as a musician, singer or dancer, or someone elated in their chosen sport. The aim of my landscapes are to set a scene which then invites the audience in to imagine themselves as part of that scene; where would they go, how would they feel, what would they be doing. It invites them to create a narrative around that scene.

I create original acrylic paintings, and high quality fine art signed Giclee prints of those paintings (In both open and limited editions). I also love to take on commissions, creating something very personal for my customers. It can be a perfect gift for birthdays, Christmas, weddings, anniversaries or leaving gifts. Please visit my “Commissions” page for further information, and the Shop (category “Commissions”) for past examples to give a little inspiration.

JOJO-M and her life

I live with my wonderful hunky love Chris who also doubles up as my photographer and long suffering adviser, and my beautiful and very mischievous Chihuahua Oscar. I am a qualified accountant and spend most of my spare time painting, or dancing if I have a pending show to prepare for.

I trained as an accountant to fund my love of art and dance and now have the best of both worlds. During my training when I didn’t pick up a brush I constantly felt as if something was missing, I felt frustrated and agitated. When I qualified and began painting once again everything fell into place, I finally gave in and did what I was born to do. Painting and dance (and listening to music for that matter) are all wonderful meditative outlets for me and my life would not be complete without any one of them.

I hope my paintings set your imagination free and make you feel alive.

Enjoy the JOJO-M Art experience.